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Pose Detection SDK for iOS

Pose Detection SDK for iOS has become the go-to solution for developers looking to implement AI-driven pose detection into their health, fitness, or gaming apps. QuickPose’s SDK makes it possible to easily add Pose Detection capabilities with only a few lines of code. This revolutionary, cutting-edge technology is the fastest way for developers to get up and running with AI pose detection on iOS.

Pose Detection GitHub

Our Pose Detection SDK for iOS will make it quick and easy for you to add MediaPipe into your app.

MediaPipe in iOS

Integrating more advanced Machine Learning solutions such as MediaPipe into an iOS application can be quite challenging for developers due to its inherent complexity.

Even experienced developers may find it daunting when faced with the task of integrating MediaPipe into an iOS app.

Pose Detection SDK for iOS

Fortunately, QuickPose's SDK offers a simplified alternative that enables developers to quickly and easily integrate Pose Detection capabilities into their applications without sacrificing performance or accuracy. With QuickPose's SDK, development teams can save time and resources while being able to provide users with powerful Pose Detection capabilities within a matter of hours.

Key Features of QuickPose iOS SDK

I had multiple doctors give me different readings for my range of motion with their eyes. However your app confirmed the same readings as a goniometer.

End User

We added a simple image upload feature into our app allowing patients to see their range of motions scores quickly. This gives our doctors more context when treating patients.

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