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Squat Counter for iOS

Add Real Time Pose estimation to your iOS app with Squat Counter for iOS.

Squat Counter for iOS by QuickPose is a simple and easy to use solution that allows you to quickly add real time pose estimation to your existing applications. It uses the latest machine learning algorithms with pre-built pose classifications.

Easily build and deploy a squat counter app using our SDK. The QuickPose SDK is a free wrapper so you can get MediaPipe and Blazepose into your iOS app..

Counting Squats with AI is quick and simple with QuickPose.

Build a squat counter fitness app on iOS
QuickPose Pose estimation iOS using MediaPipe BlazePose for fitness apps

Squat Counter - iOS SDK

Squat Counter for iOS allows developers to customize their applications as per their needs. The SDK also includes a library of pre-built classifications, making it easy to create unique and personalized apps such as:

  • A Squat Challenge app that tracks the number of squats performed daily.

  • A Squat Form Analyzer app that provides feedback on the correct form while performing squats.


Build The Best Squat Tracker App

Create immersive responsive experiences with VR overlays using efficient code.

QuickPose's Squat Counter feature is optimized for low latency, making it ideal for applications that require accurate results in a short amount of time.

Effortlessly Integrate Pose Estimation into Your Mobile Apps

Human pose estimation is a technology that software developers can use to enhance their projects and add to their skills.

QuickPose is an easy way to integrate Machine Learning in your apps. Here are a few of the key advantages of integrating QuickPose into your iOS projects:

Leverage Computer Vision in Your Mobile Apps

QuickPose SDK Overview

The QuickPose SDK is the ideal solution for developers looking to add human pose estimation to their iOS projects. Here's an overview of what you can expect from the QuickPose SDK:

Pose estimation

QuickPose leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately estimate the poses of human bodies in real-time.

Skeleton tracking

Skeleton tracking computer vision creates real time overlay of human pose estimation

Skeleton tracking

QuickPose tracks the positions of the key points on a human body and connects them to form a skeleton.

A health app displays Real-time interpretation of shoulder range of motion

Easy Integration

QuickPose's iOS SDK is designed to make the integration process as simple as possible, so developers can get started quickly and easily.

Instructions and troubleshooting can be found on our GitHub.

MediaPipe and BlazePose implementation using QuickPose SDK for iOS

System Requirements