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Pushup Plane Challenge

The Pushup Game

Play Pushup Plane Challenge

Pushup Plane Challenge is the fitness game you’ve be looking for.

How long can you fly through the clouds whilst being in a pushup position?

Test yourself now for free.


Create your own Pushup Plane App with QuickPose

How QuickPose works

QuickPose is an iOS SDK for adding pose estimation into your apps. PushyPenguin is one of the examples of how you can do this in a fun and engaging way. But it’s not the only way. 

With our SDK you can add pose estimation into your app in days not months. Allowing you to focus on the needs of your users whilst giving them powerful new features to keep them engaged. 

Our team has been building AI and AR powered apps for the last 3 years and know the challenges. That’s why we’ve made QuickPose as simple as possible to add pose estimation using Google’s MediaPipe framework.  

Your team won’t have to waste months building overlays, building exercises to measure and track or fixing performance issues. We’ve done all that for you. 

You can see for yourself with our GitHub repository and get started immediately.

Check out our GitHub Repo

We've published our SDK on GitHub to make it easy to integrate with your project.

Create an SDK Key

Register an SDK Key to enable your own project via our Developer Portal.

Publish your new features

Once you've imported the SDK start implementing your new features and release them to your customers.


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Need help?

Our team is ready to help integrate QuickPose into your app. Schedule a call and we can discuss the best options for you.