February 2, 2024

MediaPipe Vs QuickPose: A Comparison of Pose Estimation Tools

MediaPIpe Logo Vs QuickPose for pose estimation
  • MediaPipe, by Google, offers basic pose estimation but requires significant user processing.
  • QuickPose enhances MediaPipe with pre-built features, simplifying app development.
  • QuickPose achieves up to 120 FPS on iOS, far surpassing MediaPipe’s 30 FPS.
  • QuickPose provides a cost-effective, comprehensive framework for fitness apps.

What is MediaPipe?

MediaPipe is a cutting-edge open-source framework that provides solutions for pose estimation by identifying key points on a subject’s body, developed by Google. However, developers using MediaPipe often face the challenge of processing these key points themselves and are tasked with building their own AI models for exercise recognition.

Key Features of MediaPipe:

  • Provides pose estimation key points
  • Requires extensive processing by the user
  • User-defined framework needed for actionable feedback

QuickPose is built using MediaPipe

QuickPose takes MediaPipe’s foundation to the next level by offering a robust framework loaded with additional features. It is designed specifically for developers seeking to create advanced healthcare and fitness apps without getting bogged down in complex AI model training.

Enhancements Over MediaPipe:

  • Pre-built exercises and range of motion assessments
  • Ability to draw skeletons and highlight specific joints and limbs
  • Custom feedback mechanisms, including audio feedback
  • Simplified process for incorporating pose detection into iOS apps
  • Installation and Optimizsation

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MediaPipe on iOS: The Technical Hurdle

Implementing MediaPipe into an iOS environment poses a significant technical challenge, typically requiring 1-2 days of development work for a proper installation. Optimising MediaPipe to run efficiently on iOS devices is a developer’s responsibility, with good performance pegged at around 30 frames per second (FPS).

With QuickPose, installation into iOS is fairly straightforward, our docs are readily available and the QuickPose team is available in a range of support packages. See our Pricing Page for details. This reduces set-up times from weeks to a couple of afternoons, so you can get users testing as soon as possible. 

More impressively, QuickPose is optimised for high performance, achieving up to 120 FPS in real-time on modern iOS devices, a clear advantage over the standard MediaPipe setup.

Flexibility and User Experience with QuickPose

QuickPose not only simplifies the initial installation but also offers a level of customization and user experience that MediaPipe alone can’t match. From the ease of modifying messages to converting feedback into different forms, QuickPose puts the developer in control.

Comprehensive Custom Feedback and Features

QuickPose enhances user engagement with a variety of customizable feedback options and ready-made features:

Visual Guidance: 

Users benefit from on-screen display of pose estimation landmarks, facilitating real-time pose adjustments.

Auditory Feedback: 

The framework supports converting visual cues into auditory feedback, catering to different user preferences and enhancing the accessibility of guidance.

Customisable User Experience: 

QuickPose’s adaptability allows for the customisation of the user experience to fit specific app requirements, ensuring a more personalised interaction.

Rep Counting: 

This feature automates the tracking of repetitions during exercises, providing users with accurate performance feedback and enhancing workout efficiency.

Range of Motion Measurement: 

QuickPose can measure the range of motion, offering valuable insights into users’ flexibility and progress, crucial for physical therapy and fitness apps.

Customizable Feature Display: 

The platform enables simultaneous viewing of multiple features, such as joint angles in a rowing app, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of movements and performance.

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