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Add pose estimation/detection to your iOS app today.

Increase retention and improve user outcomes with Pose Estimation features.


Save months of development time with our iOS SDK that empowers your app with new AI functionality.

Our SDK Features

Some of the things you can do with our SDK


Monitor patient recovery and guide them into the correct movements using our joint detection.

Measure Range of Motion

Conditional Range of Motion


Motivate individuals to reach their fitness targets with pose detection. For example count the number of repetitions or give movement feedback at the right moment.

Fitness Jumping Counter

Fitness Front Squat Counter


Turn the body into a controller with pose detection. For example use movements like jump and duck to control a player or use hand movements to hit targets. Or use the fingers or hands to control targets.

Left Hand Finger Counting

Right Hand Finger Counting

and more features added all the time


Add the SDK into your app

Our iOS SDK allows you to implement product-ready pose detection features quickly. From health to fitness to gaming, all in one SDK.

1. Install SDK

Access our SDK from GitHub.

2. Create an SDK Key

Create an account on our dev portal.

3. Publish

Launch your new features to your users.

Add AI Pose Estimation into your apps today.

 View our code base on GitHub and register for an SDK to start developing your new features today.