About Us

A team of smart & passionate creatives

Kevin Kendaru


Ilmars Poikans

Head of Infrastructure

Denis Volkhonskiy

Head of AI

Pete Nash

Head of Mobile

Filip Ljubicic

CEO & Co-Founder

Principles of our work

At QuickPose, we are committed to excellence, innovation, and integrity in everything we do. 

Our team is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to your unique business needs. With a focus on collaboration, transparency, and client satisfaction, we strive to exceed expectations and drive success for our clients. 

Customer focus

We strive to be the go-to resource for anyone looking to enhance the functionality and user experience of their digital products with state-of-the-art pose estimation capabilities.


Our mission is to work collaboratively with our clients to create pose estimation experiences that exceed expectations.

Complex approach

Our commitment is to excellence and innovation, we aim to empower developers to create cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible with this exciting technology.

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