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Image shows a physiotherapist doing rehab on a patient with pose estimation landmarks on her joints.

Now you can plan effective treatment pathways using AI.

Leverage AI Pose Estimation to engage your patients in their healthcare journey. Create user experiences that reward healthy lifestyle choices, and use data to make healthcare decisions. 

Preventative Care

Use Pose Estimation Technology in preventative care measures. Create experiences that reward exercise and healthy lifestyle changes.


Pose Estimation technology can detect subtle changes in movement patterns that might indicate the onset of known conditions.

Outpatient Care

Pose Estimation can provide effective remote monitoring ofpatients in recovery. This allows healthcare providers to track progress and make adjustments to treatment plans without needed in-person visits.

Pose Estimation in Health Insurance

Images shows a physiotherapy patient in a session with a physiotherapist with pose estimation landmarks on her body.

AI Driven Pre-Hab

By effectively implementing prehab programs monitored through pose estimation, patients can enter surgeries in better physical condition, potentially reducing post-operative recovery time and associated costs. This proactive approach can decrease the overall burden on healthcare resources.
Image shows a woman doing physiotherapy squat exercises at home. AI Pose estimation landmarks are overlain on her joints.

Ensuring Compliance with Physiotherapy Regimes

Prior to surgery, it's crucial for patients to adhere to prescribed physiotherapy exercises to ensure optimal outcomes. Pose estimation technology can track patients' compliance and the correctness of their exercises, offering real-time feedback and adjustments. This ensures that patients are adequately prepared for surgery, which can lead to better post-operative results and quicker recoveries.
Image shows a runner stretching his leg on a run with pose estimation landmarks overlain on his joints.

Reward Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Encourage and reward healthy lifestyles using engaging features. See our Fitness solutions for inspiration.
Image shows a physiotherapy patient smiling while receiving treatment.

Patient-Centric Approach to Healthcare

Integrating pose estimation into pre-operative care places a stronger emphasis on personalized healthcare. Tailoring treatment plans based on individual progress and response leads to more patient-centric care, which can improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.
Image shows a medical professional looking at data on their laptop.

Data-Driven Decision Making for Treatment Approaches

The technology can identify whether alternative therapies or continued physiotherapy might be more effective for the patient, potentially avoiding costly and invasive operations.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Save time and offer convenient check ins for your patients. Pose Estimation can perform clinically accurate measurements for your patients without the need to visit the clinic.

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