Image shows a man doing physiotherapy exercises, with pose estimation landmarks on his arms and shoulders measuring Range of Motion using AI.

Now you can deliver clinical-grade services to patients at home.

Take patient-centric care to the next level by integrating QuickPose into your health app. You can use QuickPose to analyse complex musculoskeletal structures, offering rich insights into each patient’s range of motion and movement quality.


Pose estimation technology creates an interactive and engaging user experience from the start, encouraging new users to actively participate and explore your service's offerings.


Using data from pose estimation, you can offer personalised health & recovery plans, demonstrating effectiveness up front to encourage new users to subscribe to your premium services.


Implement adaptive workouts that evolve in response to the user's progress and most up to date medical data.

What you can do with QuickPose

Image shows an injured knee, with MediaPipe landmarks. QuickPose shows calculated Range of Motion which are uneven between right and left knee.

Accurately Measure Range of Motion

QuickPose accurately measures patients' range of motion, crucial for diagnosing and monitoring recovery. It enables precise assessments of joint angles and movement patterns, enhancing healthcare professionals' ability to evaluate and treat patients effectively.
Image shows an elderly man performing rehabilitation exercises with pose estimation technology. MediaPipe landmarks are overlain using QuickPose.

Enhance Physical Therapy with Real-Time Feedback

QuickPose offers real-time feedback for physical therapy, ensuring patients perform exercises correctly. This is especially beneficial for remote rehabilitation, improving the effectiveness of home-based exercises.
Yoga triangle pose, image shows a yogi doing a yoga pose with Artificial intelligence pose estimation overlay on mediapipe landmarks. The Landmarks are labelled for MediaPipe for Yoga

Improve Patient Engagement and Compliance

By visualising their movements, QuickPose helps patients understand and adhere to their treatment plans, leading to increased engagement, compliance, and more successful treatment outcomes.

Data-Driven Treatment Plans

QuickPose provides valuable data, allowing healthcare providers to tailor and adjust treatment plans based on the patient's progress, ensuring more personalised and effective rehabilitation.
Image shows an elderly man with chronic joint issues which are monitored using pose estimation.

Support for Chronic Condition Management

For chronic conditions, Pose Estimation aids in regular condition monitoring and treatment adjustments, helping manage mobility and pain levels more effectively.

Remote Patient Monitoring

QuickPose enables remote monitoring of patients' progress, ideal for those who cannot frequently visit healthcare facilities, ensuring continuous and efficient care delivery.
Image shows iPhone with a Health App with QuickPose of a man doing Range of Motion Assessment for the shoulder at home.

Efficient Patient Triage

QuickPose enhances patient triage by offering rapid, precise assessments of musculoskeletal conditions. Its technology aids healthcare providers in promptly determining the urgency and type of care required, improving treatment timeliness and effectiveness for patients.

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