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We specialise in transforming industries through precise pose estimation technology. Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, enhancing functionality and user engagement.

Our Services

Custom AI Development

For a leading physiotherapy app, we developed a custom AI model using MediaPipe to measure shoulder range of motion, vital for tracking recovery. Our solution included gesture recognition for pain assessment, allowing users to interact with the app from a distance by displaying a numerical pain level with their fingers.

AI Consultancy

We integrate cutting-edge AI technologies into your business, enhancing your systems with smart, data-driven solutions. For a fitness enterprise, we strategised the implementation of pose estimation to refine training techniques and provide real-time feedback, significantly reducing injury rates and improving customer retention.

Maintenance and Support

Our ongoing support ensures high performance and quick issue resolution post-deployment. We employ rigorous pre-launch testing and real-time user feedback monitoring to maintain operational excellence without compromising user privacy.

Mobile App Development

We prioritize user experience by following best UX practices and incorporating feedback from behavioral scientists. Our rapid prototyping ensures that your app not only meets the high standards of today’s tech but also reaches the market quickly. An example is our deployment of a yoga app that provides real-time pose corrections, which was conceptualized and launched within two months.

Working with QuickPose

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Book a Consultation

Click our “Book a Consultation” button to fill out a brief form regarding your project. This form will capture basic details like your name, company, and project description, along with budget and timeline expectations.

Initial CEO Meeting

Post-form submission, you’ll schedule a 30-minute call directly with our CEO. This discussion will focus on understanding your specific needs and exploring how our pose estimation solutions can be tailored to your project.

Proposal Delivery

Receive a customised proposal outlining project scope, timelines, and budget based on our initial consultation.

Project Kickoff

Upon agreement, we schedule an internal setup and align resources to ensure a smooth start, with regular weekly updates and quick adaptations as needed.


After your project goes live, our commitment to excellence continues. provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your AI solutions remain cutting-edge and operate flawlessly.

Partner with us

At QuickPose, our mission is to build smart Pose Estimation Solutions that elevate your product. Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your project.