Image shows a man doing sit ups, with MediaPipe landmarks on his joints, detected using AI.

Now you can deliver perfect form & perfect fitness with Real-Time Pose Estimation

Introducing pose estimation into your app is a game changer. It’s like giving your users their own personal trainer in their pocket, offering them instant feedback on their workout form, and driving user engagement, retention, and conversion. 


Capture Attention with Innovation. Use Pose Estimation to simplify workouts for beginners and provide precision training for advanced users, ensuring your app appeals to a broad audience from the get-go.


When users see tangible improvements in their form and fitness, thanks to your app's real-time feedback and tailored guidance, they're more likely to invest in premium features that further enhance their workout experience.


With pose estimation, your app continuously learns and evolves with each user's fitness journey, making every workout feel fresh and challenging. This ongoing personalisation fosters a deeper connection with your users, making your app their forever app.

What you can do with QuickPose

A woman jumps high while doing cardio exercises at home while using her AI Fitness app. Image shows MediaPipe landmarks on her joints.

Dynamic Adaptation to User Performance

QuickPose's technology enables the app to analyse user performance in real-time and adjust exercises accordingly. If a user is excelling at a particular movement, the app can introduce more challenging variations, or if a user is struggling, it can offer modifications to ensure continuous, safe progress.
Image represents MediaPipe Landmarks for an AI Fitness App on a woman lifting weights in the gym. The woman is in the up position of a deadlift.

Real-Time Form Feedback

With QuickPose, you can provide real-time feedback on the user's form. If the user is performing an exercise incorrectly, your can alert them, helping to prevent injuries and ensure more effective workouts.
Image shows a fitness app use doing squats exercises at home. The image has Pose Detection landmarks overlaying her joints, identified by AI.

Virtual PTs

Users can get the benefits of a personal trainer's eye for a fraction of the cost, making fitness more accessible and convenient, especially for those working out at home.
Image shows an athletic man doing V-up ab exercises with AI identifying his body landmarks.

Automatic Rep Counter

Accurately tracking and reporting on one of the most critical aspects of physical training - repetitions - enhances the overall user experience. This can be a key factor in retaining users who are looking for a comprehensive, reliable fitness app.

Personalised Workout Plans

With accurate rep counting and movement analysis, your app can tailor workout plans to the user’s progress and capabilities, adjusting the intensity and volume as needed.

Enhanced User Engagement

With audio responses triggered by specific movements, users remain more engaged and focused during their workouts. This interactive experience keeps them hooked to your app, as they receive personalised guidance and encouragement just like in a real gym environment.

Partner with us

At QuickPose, our mission is to build smart Pose Estimation Solutions that elevate your product. Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your project.

Services in the Fitness Industry

We are leading specialists in AI Pose Estimation

Whether you are a fitness app, exercise equipment manufacturer, or a gym owner, AI Pose Estimation technology offers a wide range of opportunities to elevate your business to drive revenue and growth.

Starting from scratch? We work with you to train and deploy AI systems on any platform to reach the market. Custom exercises, pose detection, action recognition. 

We offer our services if you are exploring new AI technologies, or want to improve your current AI Tech stack. 

Once deployed, we are partners to ensure continuous updates and be the safe pair of hands if something needs fixing. 

From conception, design, UX, to deployment. We work with you to build your Mobile App, or seamlessly integrate AI Technologies into your Apps.

Innovate with Custom-Built Exercises Tailored by QuickPose

Standard, repetitive workouts can lead to boredom and plateauing. Custom-built exercises keep the content fresh and engaging, encouraging users to consistently use the app. This not only enhances their fitness journey but also drives long-term engagement with your platform. 


Custom Development by Experts

Trust QuickPose to create bespoke exercises and unique user experiences for your fitness app. Our specialised team leverages advanced pose estimation technology to craft tailor-made, innovative, and engaging workout solutions that align with your brand identity and user needs.


Empowering Your In-House Talent

Choose to enhance your team’s capabilities with QuickPose’s comprehensive training. We provide your developers and content creators with the expertise and tools needed to independently create custom exercises using our cutting-edge pose estimation technology, fostering long-term innovation and adaptability within your team.




Why partner with us

Seamless Integration for a Quick Launch

Our pre-built exercises are designed for easy integration, enabling a swift enhancement of your app’s capabilities. This allows you to quickly offer new features to your users without extensive development time.

Continual Expansion and Updates

The QuickPose exercise library is not static. We continually update and expand our offerings, ensuring that your app stays current with the latest fitness trends and user preferences.

Leverage Expertise in Pose Estimation

By opting for custom exercise development, you benefit from QuickPose's specialised expertise in pose estimation. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific requirements and creates exercises that are not only engaging but also optimised for accurate pose tracking and analysis.