A woman does a yoga pose called Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, also known as the King Pigeon Pose. Overlaid on the image by Pose Estimation shows dots and lines on MediaPipe landmarks.

Now you can be the yoga teacher they love.

Pose Estimation technology can track your yogi’s body accurately as they flow through their asanas. With QuickPose, you have the flexibility to create unique experiences that spark confidence. 


Hook your users in with an unforgettable first impression.


Drive your conversions after showing them the premium experience.


Get to know your yogis and keep them engaged through personalised routines and progress tracking.

Enhancing User Engagement and Conversion

Human Pose Detection for AI Yoga App. Image shows a woman doing upward plank pose, with mediapipe landmarks overlay by QuickPose AI

Posture Correction

Boost user satisfaction by offering real-time posture correction, a feature that not only enhances their yoga practice but also positions your app as a leader in innovative fitness technology.
Image shows a yoga practitioner doing triangle pose with pose estimation landmarks overlain using QuickPose AI.

Progress Tracking

Implementing progress tracking capabilities will increase user engagement, encouraging regular app usage and conversion to paid features.
Yoga triangle pose, image shows a yogi doing a yoga pose with Artificial intelligence pose estimation overlay on mediapipe landmarks. The Landmarks are labelled for MediaPipe for Yoga

Customised Routines

By providing personalised yoga routines based on user’s posture data, your app can increase its value proposition, encouraging more users to subscribe to premium features.

Integrate QuickPose into your app

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QuickPose with LLM Integration

Imagine a yoga app that not only tracks poses but also interacts with your users in real-time. With QuickPose, you can create an experience that goes beyond static routines. When a user perfects or needs adjustment in a pose, QuickPose can trigger customised audio feedback, creating a dynamic, interactive session. It’s like embedding a personal yoga instructor within your app, providing real-time guidance tailored to each user’s movements. 


This level of personalisation and responsiveness opens a new realm of possibilities for user engagement and satisfaction, setting your app apart in the digital yoga space.

Driving Revenue through User Experience

Enhanced Safety

Prioritise user safety with accurate posture analysis, reducing injury risk and increasing trust in your app – a key factor in user retention.

Personalised Experience

Differentiate your app with customised user experiences based on individual needs, increasing the likelihood of conversions from free to paid versions.

Engagement and Motivation

Incorporate real-time feedback to keep users motivated and engaged, directly impacting user retention and the likelihood of recommending the app to others.

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