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Pose Estimation React Native. Image shows a person doing yoga with pose estimation landmarks on her joints.
React Native Pose Estimation with

We are excited to release an example App of how to integrate QuickPose into your React Native application. With QuickPose you can quickly and easily measure, track and monitor body movements with our pose estimation algorithms and features. Enabling your app to convert, retain and wow customers with powerful features like: Exercise Rep counting Live…

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Pose Estimation Video Post Processing Feature. Image shows a man playing tennis with AI identifying his joints.
Introducing Video Post Processing for Pose Estimation

We’re excited to introduce a novel feature that has the potential to transform how developers handle video post-processing on iOS: Quickpose, our pose estimation Software Development Kit (SDK). Quickpose enables you to estimate poses efficiently and accurately, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With the recent update, it now also supports video post-processing…

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Goniometer technology is advancing through AI pose estimation
Using AI to Measure Range of Motion of a Joint: The Future of Patient Care

Accurate measurement of joint Range of Motion (ROM) plays a critical role in patient care, diagnosis, and treatment planning. Traditional methods, like goniometers and visual estimations, have been the standard tools for healthcare professionals to measure range of motion of a joint. However, these methods are prone to human error and inconsistency. With the rapid…

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