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Goniometer technology is advancing through AI pose estimation
Using AI to Measure Range of Motion of a Joint: The Future of Patient Care

Accurate measurement of joint Range of Motion (ROM) plays a critical role in patient care, diagnosis, and treatment planning. Traditional methods, like goniometers and visual estimations, have been the standard tools for healthcare professionals to measure range of motion of a joint. However, these methods are prone to human error and inconsistency. With the rapid…

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Image shows gesture controlled game that uses pose estimation.
Example Use Cases of Pose Estimation in Gaming

As technology continues to evolve, the gaming industry is constantly seeking new ways to enhance the gaming experience. Pose estimation is one of those technologies that has suddenly become very accessible for developers via tools such as QuickPose’s iOS SDK, and for users as smartphones have become smarter. By tracking human body movements, pose estimation…

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Image shows a woman doing gymnastics with pose estimation ai overlay from a fitness app
Example Use Cases of Pose Estimation in Fitness Apps

The Fitness App industry is on the rise, with an estimated revenue $19.55 Billion in 2023, with an average user spend of US$25.78. With over 71,000 fitness apps uploaded to the relevant app stores in 2021, competition seems to be fierce, but Dr.Muscle says they’re all the same- “Most Workout apps are as useful as…

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Use JointTrack our Pose Estimation API to add new features to your app

Having the ability to accurately measure joint range of motion (ROM) is essential for many applications in healthcare, fitness, and sports. With JointTrack, our cutting-edge Pose Estimation API, you can now seamlessly integrate joint ROM measurement capabilities into your app using just images. This article will discuss the potential applications of JointTrack and how it…

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Health Apps use pose estimation vision ai
Health Apps Using AI Pose Estimation

As Artificial Intelligence becomes a larger part of our daily lives, the benefits of AI Human Pose Estimation in Health Care is clear: to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance the overall quality of care provided. The benefits of using AI pose estimation technology in healthcare are numerous, from more accurate assessments of…

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Image shows an elderly patient in health care facility with Human Pose Estimation vision ai overlay
Benefits of Human Pose Estimation in Health Care

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent in healthcare. One area that has gained attention is human Pose Estimation, which involves detecting and tracking the position and movement of a person’s body parts in real-time. This technology has a range of applications in healthcare, from rehabilitation and physical therapy to diagnosis and…

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Vision AI in Fitness apps - image shows a female runner using a fitness app with AI
How Vision AI is Revolutionizing Fitness Apps

In the world of fitness, progress is the holy grail. It’s the difference between a summer body and a winter coat. It’s what separates the champions from the rest. But what if there was a way to ensure progress, every step of the way? A way to track your every move, provide real-time feedback, and…

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