January 26, 2024

Best Yoga Apps using AI in 2024

Best AI Yoga Apps image shows a person doing a yoga pose with mediapipe landmarks over her joints.

The rapid evolution of AI technology has revolutionised the yoga app industry, offering personalised, interactive, and intelligent yoga experiences. Here we have our pick of the best Yoga Apps and how they use AI (Artificial Intelligence). Explore the best AI-powered yoga apps leading this transformative journey.

Best Yoga Apps for Real-Time Feedback and Posture Correction:

Skill Yoga with the Movement Coach

This AI-powered tool uses pose recognition technology to track your movements in real-time. Get instant feedback on alignment, balance, and form, while a “Pose Score” assesses your progress after each sequence.

Skill Yoga - Best AI Yoga app with real time feedback. Image shows movement coach with a person doing warrior yoga pose with AI Landmarks on their body.


Your pocket-sized personal trainer! FitYoga’s AI analyses your movements through your phone’s camera, providing voice feedback and real-time posture correction as you flow through curated yoga sequences. It even tracks your progress and offers personalised meditation sessions.

FitYoga App with appstore screenshots. Best Yoga apps with AI

Trueyogi: Yoga AI Trainer EVA

Forget impersonal routines. EVA tailors your practice to your mood and physical capabilities. Take an initial assessment to unlock personalised flows that support your natural development, then let EVA analyse your balance, flexibility, and strength as you practice.

TrueYogi - image shows a person doing yoga pose in an AI powered app.

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Unique Experiences:

YogiFi Smart Yoga Mat

This innovative mat (currently unavailable on Amazon) connects with Samsung devices to bring your practice to life. Get real-time feedback on form, track your progress (including flexibility gains and strength improvements), and enjoy immersive visuals of serene landscapes as you flow.YogiFi smart Yoga Mat uses AI to sync yoga movements with instructions.

yogaPose AI

Not sure what that pose does? yogaPose AI is your on-demand yoga encyclopedia. Powered by ChatGPT technology, this app answers your questions about yoga poses in clear, easy-to-understand language, explaining their effects and benefits.

yogaPose AI uses ChatGPT to explain yoga poses.

Best AI Yoga Apps for Targeted Support:

Harna Yoga

Designed for women, Harna Yoga uses AI to analyze your menstrual cycle and recommend personalised chair yoga routines that support hormonal fluctuations and optimise your wellbeing throughout the month.

Harna Yoga - AI for yoga women

KinesteX AI

KinesteX is primarily a fitness and physiotherapy AI App, however their comprehensive app also features yoga related workouts that include yogic breathing exercises. Whether you’re seeking gentle stretches, high-intensity cardio workouts, or physiotherapy exercises, KinesteX AI tailors your regimen to your needs and abilities.

KinesteX AI Yoga app on Appstore. Image shows screenshots from the ai yoga app

Prayoga (Yoga for beginners)

Nervous about alignment? Prayoga’s AI coach uses your phone’s camera to analyse your postures in real-time, offering instant feedback and adjustments to ensure proper form and minimise injury risk.

Prayoga - Indian AI Yoga App for beginners uses computer vision AI

Bonus AI Yoga Project:

Sofia Yoga AI

While no longer active, Sofia is a reminder of the potential for voice-assisted AI yoga instructors. Sofia used natural language processing to provide personalised instructions and corrections, guiding users towards proper form and deeper practice. Made by Souvik Biswas.

Sofia Yoga - AI Yoga Project. Image is from youtube video

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