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Unlock the Future of Body Pose Estimation Apps and Solutions Development Services with QuickPose

GIF shows the AI Plank Timer on the screen. A man is in plank position on the floor of the gym, with his elbows and feet touching the floor. The AI Plank counter starts automatically when he is in this position. As the man changes his position, the plank timer stops as it detects he not in the correct plank pose.
Our Services

Revolutionise Your App with Our AI-Powered Body Pose Estimation Solutions

QuickPose offers cutting-edge body pose estimation apps and solutions development services. From fitness apps to healthcare solutions, discover how our technology can elevate your offerings.

Our Services

Tailored Solutions for Every Need


Our iOS SDK is built in Swift and comes with a wide range of prebuilt exercises and classifiers. Perfect for competent developers looking to integrate pose estimation into their apps.

Premium Support

Need extra help? Our premium support includes consultation and a set number of hours per month for integration.

Full Development

We offer full development services for Android and Flutter, customizing our technology to fit your specific needs.

We Offer Full App Development for Pose Estimation Projects

From Concept to Deployment, We've Got You Covered

Embarking on a pose estimation project? Look no further. At QuickPose, we offer end-to-end app development services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're in the fitness industry aiming to provide real-time workout feedback or a healthcare provider looking to enhance patient rehabilitation, our expertise in pose estimation technology ensures that your app will be both innovative and impactful.

Why Choose Us for Your Full App Development?

In-House Technology and Custom Exercises

We're not just implementers; we're innovators. We built the underlying technology and custom exercises that power QuickPose. This gives us unparalleled expertise and flexibility in tailoring solutions to your needs.

Beyond Public Documentation

Our capabilities extend beyond what's publicly documented. From creating new exercises to training models based on your specific data, we offer a range of additional services. We can even implement real-time feedback using Large Language Models (LLMs) that interpret real-life human movement.

Full AI Model Customisation Unique to You

While our SDK provides key use-cases for pose estimation, we go beyond that. Our team collaborates with you to leverage our technology in creating completely custom experiences that align with your project goals.

Open for Consultation

Your vision is our mission. We're always open to discussing more options in a consultation to ensure that your app is not just functional but also groundbreaking in the field of pose estimation.

Discover How Body Tracking Technology Fits Your Sector

For Fitness App Developers

AI Fitness Coach: Revolutionising Workouts with Body Pose Estimation

Transform Your Fitness App with Real-Time AI Coaching

Having an AI coach isn’t just a luxury—it’s a game-changer. With our body pose estimation apps and solutions development services, you can elevate your fitness app to the next level. Imagine a user performing a squat or a lunge, and in real-time, your app provides form feedback, ensuring exercises are done correctly and efficiently.

Our AI fitness coach technology is designed to be more than just a tracking tool. It’s a personal trainer, a motivator, and a guide—all rolled into one. With real-time feedback on form and performance, users can confidently train, knowing they have an AI coach by their side, ensuring every move is precise and effective.

Whether you’re looking to build an app from scratch or enhance an existing one, our solutions are tailored to meet your needs. With QuickPose, you’re not just integrating technology; you’re providing users with a personal AI fitness coach, ready to guide them every step of the way.

AI Fitness Exercise Rep Counters

Use AI to measure accurately the number of reps a user has done of a specific exercise. Motivate users to complete their sets.
Image shows AI Lunge Counter counting lunges of the left leg. The GIF shows a man standing up facing the camera, he performs a lunge by stepping forward one step with his left foot. The AI lunge counter automatically recognises this exercise and counts the rep. The man returns to standing.

Left leg lunge rep counter

Image is a GIF showing a man doing sit ups in the gym. As he does a sit up, the AI Sit Up counter counts a rep on-screen. Pose Estimation is the AI that automatically detects this.

Sit up rep counter

For Healthcare Providers

AI Physiotherapy Solutions: Pioneering Movement Analysis in Healthcare

Harnessing AI Rehabilitation to Transform Patient Care

AI physiotherapy is setting new standards in patient treatment and recovery. Our body pose estimation apps and solutions are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of the healthcare sector. With the power of AI rehabilitation, professionals can now accurately measure a patient’s range of motion and analyse the quality of movement in real-time.

Measure clinically relevant Range of Motion (ROM) between joints. QuickPose has been developed with Physiotherapists to enable the accurate and reliable measurement of range of motion to 5º; the same accuracy used in medical settings.

Beyond just measurements, our solutions provide invaluable health data, offering insights into patient progress, potential areas of concern, and tailored recovery plans. This data-driven approach ensures that patients receive the most effective and personalised care, optimising their rehabilitation journey.

Whether you’re a physiotherapist aiming to enhance your practice or a healthcare institution looking to integrate cutting-edge technology, our body pose estimation solutions offer the precision and reliability you need.

Prioritising Patient Privacy with Advanced AI Solutions

QuickPose champions patient data security by combining HIPAA-compliant solutions with on-device machine learning. This ensures that sensitive health data remains protected while offering real-time AI-driven analyses directly on the user’s device, enhancing both privacy and performance.

AI Range of Motion Assessment

QuickPose tracks the positions of the key points on a human body and connects them to form a skeleton. A health app displays Real-time interpretation of shoulder range of motion

Measure Range of Motion

Conditional Range of Motion

Form Feedback

Provide users with an AI coach who can help improve form and ensure that the exercises are done properly. You can set the feedback that you want to give to the user.

Feedback to move knees apart

Feedback to bend knees


Set a limit of how long an exercise should last and you can count the number of reps or can monitor whether the exercise has been done correctly in order to complete the time.

Timer is only active if the position is correct

Form Check

Give users guidance on whether they are doing a specific exercise properly. You can highlight specific joints to show the user that their movement is correct or incorrect.

Green to show the correct movement or angle

Red to show the incorrect movement or angle

Exercise Ranking

With our finger recognition you can capture exercise feedback immediately before the next workout.

Left Hand Finger Counting

Right Hand Finger Counting

Exercise Control

With our thumbs up or down recognition the user can let you know if they are ready to move onto the next exercise or not.

Thumbs up or down detection

Thumbs up detection

and more features we can develop for you