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Measure Shoulder Range of Motion with AI

Revolutionize patient assessments to measure shoulder range of motion with AI. Our products provide real-time measurement of a patient's shoulder range of motion, making it an invaluable tool for healthcare providers and tele-health physiotherapy services.

Solving musculoskeletal biomechanics with machine learning

Solving musculoskeletal biomechanics with machine learning has become increasingly accessible in recent years. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, healthcare providers are now able to measure shoulder range of motion quickly and accurately.

QuickPose's iOS SDK is revolutionizing patient assessments by providing real-time measurement of a patient's shoulder range of motion, giving healthcare professionals an invaluable tool for tele-health physiotherapy services. With AI enabled musculoskeletal biomechanics solutions, medical practitioners can make faster and more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for their patients.

Automated shoulder range of motion measurement with AI

Musculoskeletal issues such as rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement syndrome, and shoulder joint osteoarthritis can impact the range of motion movements in the shoulder, including Forward Flexion, Abduction, and Extension.

Shoulder rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement syndrome, and frozen shoulder are examples of shoulder joint maladies that healthcare professionals see on a daily basis.

Utilizing AI technology, such as QuickPose SDK, and JointTrack API, can help healthcare providers accurately and efficiently measure shoulder range of motion movements, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of these musculoskeletal issues.

Integrating AI into musculoskeletal services

Our Products:

Measure shoulder range of motion using artificial intelligence. Image shows man measuring forward flexion using JointTrack API

JointTrack API - for web and mobile

Annotate images with range of motion angles and highlight specific joints. Our API can be used with mobile and web applications.

QuickPose iOS SDK

QuickPose iOS SDK will make it quick and easy for you to add MediaPipe into your app.