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MediaPipe on iOS

QuickPose SDK is the best solution for developers who want to bring the advanced computer vision technology of MediaPipe to their iOS projects. With QuickPose, the integration process is streamlined, making it easy for both junior and experienced developers to incorporate MediaPipe's cutting-edge features into their iOS apps.

QuickPose is a comprehensive iOS SDK that provides ready-to-use solutions for computer vision tasks, such as real-time 2D pose estimation and skeleton tracking. The pre-built solutions are designed to be highly accurate, fast, and easy to integrate, so developers can focus on creating amazing user experiences.

Integrate MediaPipe into iOS apps using QuickPose

Add MediaPipe into iOS with QuickPose

QuickPose offers the custom flexibility of MediaPipe and BlazePose. This means that developers can create custom solutions that are tailored to their specific needs, while still enjoying the benefits of a comprehensive SDK.

Why use MediaPipe in your iOS apps?

Mediapipe is an open-source framework developed by Google for building cross-platform, multi-purpose machine learning solutions. It provides a comprehensive set of pre-built solutions and tools for a wide range of applications, including health and fitness.

BlazePose, combined with Mediapipe, provides the ability to perform on-device computer vision, allowing for fast and efficient real-time human pose estimation, even in resource-constrained environments, without sacrificing accuracy.

Squat Counter by QuickPose in a Fitness App

MediaPipe used in iOS fitness app pose estimation

Effortlessly Integrate Pose Estimation into Your Mobile Apps

Human pose estimation is a technology that software developers can use to enhance their projects and add to their skills.

QuickPose is an easy way to integrate Machine Learning in your apps. Here are a few of the key advantages of integrating QuickPose into your iOS projects:

Leverage Computer Vision in Your Mobile Apps

QuickPose SDK Overview

The QuickPose SDK is the ideal solution for developers looking to add human pose estimation to their iOS projects. Here's an overview of what you can expect from the QuickPose SDK:

Add MediaPipe and BlazePose using our SDK

QuickPose SDK is the easy way to port MediaPipe and BlazePose computer vision functionality into iOS.

Skeleton tracking

Skeleton tracking computer vision creates real time overlay of human pose estimation

Skeleton tracking

QuickPose tracks the positions of the key points on a human body and connects them to form a skeleton.

A health app displays Real-time interpretation of shoulder range of motion

Easy Integration

QuickPose's iOS SDK is designed to make the integration process as simple as possible, so developers can get started quickly and easily.

Instructions and troubleshooting can be found on our GitHub.

MediaPipe and BlazePose implementation using QuickPose SDK for iOS

System Requirements

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