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Pose Estimation on GitHub

QuickPose is available on GitHub. Our latest QuickPose SDK for iOS enables developers to integrate Pose Estimation into iOS with a few lines of code.

Our Pose Estimation GitHub repository is constantly being updated with new pose classifiers and other tools developers can use to enable developers to spend more time creating engaging user experiences instead of solving technical headaches.

Pose estimation on github. Port MediaPipe and BlazePose using quickpose SDK

QuickPose iOS SDK

Adding human pose estimation to mobile apps can be challenging and take up a lot of time. That's why we developed QuickPose, a comprehensive iOS SDK that simplifies the integration process, making it easier to incorporate cutting-edge computer vision technology into your app. QuickPose enhances user experience, boosts engagement, and keeps you ahead of the competition.

Human Pose Estimation for Product Managers

Product managers are constantly looking for ways to create more engaging and interactive experiences for users.

Human pose estimation offers an exciting opportunity to do just that. Here are a few of the key benefits that product managers can enjoy when they integrate QuickPose into their mobile applications:

Fitness App Implementing Squat Counter by QuickPose

MediaPipe used in iOS fitness app pose estimation

Integrating MediaPipe and Blazepose into iOS - Swift

Take MediaPipe's Machine Learning frameworks and integrate them into a custom iOS app.

Integrating advanced computer vision technology into iOS apps can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, with QuickPipe, developers can now easily incorporate MediaPipe's cutting-edge features into their iOS projects. QuickPose streamlines the integration process and provides production-ready code, making it easier than ever to add MediaPipe's state-of-the-art pose estimation and skeleton tracking capabilities to your iOS app.

Effortlessly Integrate Pose Estimation into Your Mobile Apps

Human pose estimation is a technology that software developers can use to enhance their projects and add to their skills.

QuickPose is an easy way to integrate Machine Learning in your apps. Here are a few of the key advantages of integrating QuickPose into your iOS projects:

Leverage Computer Vision in Your Mobile Apps

QuickPose SDK on GitHub

QuickPose SDK is the optimal choice for developers seeking to integrate human pose estimation into their iOS projects. Visit our GitHub Repository to access the tools to explore how Pose Estimation can enhance your apps.

Skeleton tracking

Skeleton tracking computer vision creates real time overlay of human pose estimation

Skeleton tracking

QuickPose tracks the positions of the key points on a human body and connects them to form a skeleton.

A health app displays Real-time interpretation of shoulder range of motion

Easy Integration

QuickPose's iOS SDK is designed to make the integration process as simple as possible, so developers can get started quickly and easily.

Instructions and troubleshooting can be found on our GitHub.

MediaPipe and BlazePose implementation using QuickPose SDK for iOS

System Requirements

Our Other Products:

JointTrack API

QuickPose is also available as an API. JointTrack API is available for web and mobile applications.