An athlete using a rowing machine. MediaPipe landmarks are overlaid on her joints and range of motion angles are highlighted for ankle, knee, hip and elbow.

Now you can analyse your form with AI precision

Introducing pose estimation to your performance sports app is a game changer. Enhance peak performance with frame-by-frame analysis of biomechanics.


Showcasing cutting-edge technology like pose estimation can create a strong first impression, attracting users who are looking for the latest innovations in sports training.


By providing instant feedback and detailed analysis from the outset, users can immediately experience the value of your app. Features like real-time performance analysis and customised training programs can clearly demonstrate the app's effectiveness.


The continuous collection and analysis of performance data provide long-term value to users, as they can track their progress over extended periods, fostering sustained engagement.

What you can do with QuickPose

A woman jumps high while doing cardio exercises at home while using her AI Fitness app. Image shows MediaPipe landmarks on her joints.

Lag-free Post Processing at 240FPS

For high speed sports where form is crucial, QuickPose can perform at 240 FPS post-processing.
Image shows a cyclist with pose estimation landmarks on his body showing range of motion measurements by his ankles, knees, hip, shoulder, and elbow.

Layer Range of Motion Measurements for in-depth Analysis

QuickPose allows easy stacking of range of motion measurements and body landmarks. The relationship between these figures can show invaluable insights to an athlete's technique in sports such as rowing, tennis, golf, and others.
Image shows a fitness app use doing squats exercises at home. The image has Pose Detection landmarks overlaying her joints, identified by AI.

Real-Time Feedback

Create real-time feedback and prompts for in-session interactions. This allows for on-the-spot adjustments and improvements, making training sessions more efficient and effective. Real time feedback can interact with LLMs to create seamless interactions.

Integrate QuickPose into your app

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Innovate with QuickPose

Work with us to create your own custom platform for sports coaching or performance analysis. We can build custom AI models for apps to be deployed at scale, or custom hardware for in-house training facilities with multi-cam abilities. 


Why partner with us

Seamless Integration for a Quick Launch

Our pre-built exercises are designed for easy integration, enabling a swift enhancement of your app’s capabilities. This allows you to quickly offer new features to your users without extensive development time.

Continual Expansion and Updates

The QuickPose exercise library is not static. We continually update and expand our offerings, ensuring that your app stays current with the latest fitness trends and user preferences.

Leverage Expertise in Pose Estimation

By opting for custom exercise development, you benefit from QuickPose's specialised expertise in pose estimation. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific requirements and creates exercises that are not only engaging but also optimised for accurate pose tracking and analysis.

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