January 23, 2023

Great Fitness Apps Using AI

Fitness apps have come a long way in recent years, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has made them more personalized and efficient than ever before. As well as personalised plans, one of the most exciting developments in this area is the use of pose estimation technology, which allows apps to track and analyze a user’s movements in real-time.

Pose Estimation used to be very expensive and inaccessible, but later we will show you how you can easily Integrate Pose Estimation into your fitness apps to create more engaging and interactive user experiences.  We also offer full service app development for projects that use pose estimation. 

Here are some great fitness apps leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence:

Insane AI – Gamified Fitness

Insane AI offers a whole range of fitness workouts based around your fitness goals. The “gameplay” you choose determines the exercises and sets off the timer. If you are doing push-ups, each time you complete a push up a satisfying sound effect tells you it counted that rep. Great for cardio, building strength and improving your recovery time in between sets.




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InfiGro – Smart Personal Trainer

Human Pose Estimation is used in this fitness app that brands itself as the “World’s Smartest Digital Trainer”. With in-exercise advice and motivation, infiGro positions compares themselves to personal trainers, but at 10% of the price. The app also allows you to track nutrition and has meditation functionalities built in.

Available on PlayStore


AI Fit

AI Fit brands itself as “The Smartest Fitness App Yet” and includes weight training, Boxing, HIIT, Skipping, and Lunges. The app uses human pose estimation to count reps of your exercises.

They also have a nutrition tracker that scans barcodes to pull nutrition data from the Natural Nutrition Database API, which is pretty smart. This puts them one step ahead of infiGro, perhaps this A.I. Fitness does deserve the title “Smartest Fitness App Yet”; according to this list anyway.

AI Fit has pose estimation for weight training, Boxing, HIIT, Skipping, and Lunges


The Movement Athlete

The Movement athlete is a fitness app that uses Artificial Intelligence, but not Pose Estimation. They use AI based on research for progressive bodyweight strength training. This AI fitness app targets gymnastics and calisthenics groups; where form as well as reps are fundamental in building strength in calisthenics and gymnastics, The Movement Athlete would be a very suitable app to integrate Pose Estimation into their products.

One of the benefits of using AI for bodyweight training is that there is lower risk of injury to the athlete due to overloading weights. This is also pretty smart in reducing harm AI can do to humans…

Artificial Intelligence in training: The Movement Athlete uses AI to recommend exercises that allow you to achieve your goals efficiently, based on research.


Fitness A.I. invites users to get stronger with Artificial Intelligence. The AI generates personalised workouts based on a lot of workout data and the user inputs their completion rates for each exercise. Remember what I said above, suggesting that AI might crush athletes with weights? Sure self, inflicted, but Pose Estimation could really benefit Fitness AI to ensure good form and make sure safety is a priority for users looking for maximum gains as efficiently as possible. It’s a fine line.

Zenia App – Personal Yoga Trainer

You can find Zenia – Yoga for Beginners on the AppStore

Zenia App – Personal Yoga Trainer that uses pose estimation.

Privacy is one of the key issues when it comes to inviting AI to be your personal yoga trainer at home. Zenia app uses pose estimation to give real time feedback for users doing live classes. Most yoga apps and classes these days mostly focus on the physicality of the movements, rather than focusing on the spiritual origins of the practice; so if you’re focusing on the poses, might as well make sure you can really progress, right?

Using Pose Estimation for these more complex movements also allows users to get real time feedback in the privacy of their own home. Yoga teachers will see the pose estimation models, not the image pixels of what your body (and living room!) actually look like.

The personal yoga trainer app uses a hybrid of real person interpretation and AI. Human Pose Estimation plots the key points of your body, and the teacher can see your poses as stick-figures to give adjustment advice accordingly. Longitudinal studies of their users, progressions, and demographics can be very useful data to inspire more people to move, whatever their age, by creating sessions that ensure people come back again and again. Anyone who’s been to a yoga class and been worked a little too much will understand the importance of curating a good sequence of yoga classes to keep people engaged. This is all speculation though.

Looking to build your own Fitness AI App? We can help you get started.

QuickPose on GitHub

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Cult.fit – India’s largest holistic Health and Fitness Platform

Cult.fit blend real-life classes and at-home workouts. In 2021 they acquired Onyx Fit, a Silicon Valley AI startup with pose estimation for a whole range of workouts.

Cult.fit offer in-person and at-home fitness classes, blending remote and real life. They are headquartered in Bangalore, India. Onyx Fit’s computer vision that only uses the device camera opens up an entire market for cult.fit. It also shows the lengths and costs that companies are willing to go through to have Pose Estimation in their apps.

Luckily for you, you won’t need to acquire a Silicon Valley start up to get Pose Estimation into your app. Use our Pose Estimation SDK for free and see what you can build in days, not months.

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