December 8, 2023

How Can AI Be Used in Yoga Apps?

How Yoga Apps can use AI. Image shows a woman doing yoga inverted pose with pose estimation landmarks on her joints.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here; firmly and permanently, subtly shaping our experiences even when we don’t realise it. From personalised recommendations on your Instagram feed to the virtual assistants answering your questions, AI is quietly enhancing our world.

And the world of yoga is no exception- this ancient practice offers many opportunities for AI to change the way we practise, offering personalised guidance, adaptive routines, and even virtual instructors. Here are 9 ways you can harness the power of AI to create a truly transformative experience for your yoga app users:

AI-Powered Personalised Yoga Routines for Increased Activation

Activate more users and keep them engaged by:

  • Generating personalised yoga routines: Adapt routines to each user’s skill level, goals, and preferences, promoting a sense of customisation and relevance.
  • Recommending yoga sequences based on user data: Utilise AI algorithms to analyse user activity and suggest appropriate yoga practices for optimal progress.
  • Integrating fitness tracker data: Leverage data from connected devices to provide personalised recommendations and insights, enhancing user engagement.

AI-Driven Pose Detection and Yoga Pose Correction for Improved Conversion

Convert more users into paying subscribers by:

  • Providing real-time feedback on pose accuracy: Utilise AI-powered pose detection to ensure users perform poses correctly, minimising risk of injury and promoting confidence.
  • Offering personalised guidance and adjustments: AI can suggest alternative poses or modifications based on user limitations, leading to a more effective and enjoyable practice.
  • Creating a gamified experience: Implement AI-powered challenges and rewards based on pose accuracy and practice duration, boosting engagement and motivation.

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AI-Enhanced Content and Recommendations for Enhanced Retention

Retain users and encourage long-term engagement by:

  • Curating personalised content feeds: Use AI to recommend yoga practices, meditations, and educational content based on user interests and preferences.
  • Providing real-time progress tracking and insights: Offer AI-powered data visualisations and reports to track progress, celebrate achievements, and motivate users to continue their practice.
  • Creating a virtual yoga community: Implement AI-powered features like chatbots and social networking to connect users and foster a sense of belonging and support.

In addition to these core applications, AI holds immense potential for further innovation in yoga apps.

  • AI-powered virtual yoga instructors: Offer interactive and personalised guidance through AI-driven virtual avatars, creating an immersive and engaging experience.
  • AI-based adaptive routines: Utilise AI to dynamically adjust yoga sequences based on user feedback and progress, ensuring a constantly evolving and optimal practice experience.
  • AI-powered injury prevention and recovery programs: Implement AI algorithms to analyse user data and recommend personalised injury prevention strategies and rehabilitation routines.

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