AI Cobra Wings Counter

With our AI Cobra Wings you can:

Count the number of reps
Check the users form and give feedback
Highlight joints that are in an incorrect position

How our AI Cobra Wings can help your fitness app:

Improve user engagement and retention
Increase conversion rates
Increase user motivation 

Image shows AI Cobra Wings Counter on the screen. A man is lying on his front on the floor of a gym. His arms are raised off the floor, as he moves his arms together to his hips and then in front of his head, the AI cobra wings counter counts one repetition of this exercise.

QuickPose is a comprehensive iOS SDK that streamlines integration of Pose Estimation into Fitness, Health, and Games Apps. 

Add cutting-edge Computer Vision into your app in just a few hours. 

With QuickPose, you can enhance the user experience, increase engagement, and stay ahead of the curve.

Helpful Articles:

How to Add Annotations & Styling

Add in-app annotations that match your app’s design as overlays and pop-ups. 

How to Add Feedback 

Add feedback during an exercise to correct form or to ensure your user is in the correct position. 

How to Measure Range of Motion of a Joint

Measure the angles of shoulders, hips, back, knee, and other joints accurate to 5° 

Get Inspired

Here are some examples of Fitness Apps using Artificial Intelligence. 


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