AI Squats Counter

With our AI Squats Counter you can:

Count the number of reps
Check the user’s form and give feedback
Highlight joints that are in an incorrect position

How our AI Squat can help your fitness app:

Improve user engagement and retention
Increase conversion rates
Increase user motivation 

Image shows a fitness app user using the QuickPose AI Squats Counter to count squat reps in the gym. He is an AI engineer wearing a blue exercise tracksuit and orange trainers (sneakers)

QuickPose is a comprehensive iOS SDK that streamlines integration of Pose Estimation into Fitness, Health, and Games Apps. 

Add cutting-edge Computer Vision into your app in just a few hours. 

With QuickPose, you can enhance the user experience, increase engagement, and stay ahead of the curve.

Helpful Articles:

How to Add Annotations & Styling

Add in-app annotations that match your app’s design as overlays and pop-ups. 

How to Add Feedback 

Add feedback during an exercise to correct form or to ensure your user is in the correct position. 

How to Measure Range of Motion of a Joint

Measure the angles of shoulders, hips, back, knee, and other joints accurate to 5° 

Get Inspired

Here are some examples of Fitness Apps using Artificial Intelligence. 


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